2012 - 2013 Annual Membership

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Here are some fun facts, brought to you this summer by the American Advertising Federation of West Michigan (AAFWM):
•    Our drinking water is 3 billion years old.
•    It’s impossible to lick your elbows.
•    Certain species of frogs can be frozen, then thawed and brought back to life for even more laboratory fun.
•    It’s time to renew your membership to the AAFWM.

From the annual ADDY awards and an online job posting site to the monthly luncheon speaker series, the AAFWM demonstrates its value many times over.

Following is the new price structure for 2012-2013, which offers you more options than ever:

•    Young Professional Membership: $49. Eligible to members who are 25 years of age and younger
•    Indie/Freelancers: $99. Eligible to members who are freelance or companies with 1-2 employees
•    Individual Standard Membership: $139.
•    Group Membership: $375. This membership is valid for 3 members from the same organization. Additional members may be added for $99 each. 

All memberships listed above will enjoy:
•    Membership in AAFWM and the American Advertising Federation.
•    Discounts on AAF West Michigan programs and professional development seminars.
•    Discounts on ADDY Award entry fees. (A change for the coming year is that you must be a member of AAFWM to enter the ADDY Awards.)
•    Discounts on ADDY Award celebration event admissions.
•    Listing in online membership directory.
•    Vimeo link to monthly speakers/programs.



August 26, 2013 from 12:00 PM - 12:00 PM


Price of Attendance

AAFWM Member - Individual Standard: $139.00
AAFWM Membership - Group Membership: $375.00
AAFWM Membership - Indie/Freelancer: $99.00
AAFWM Membership - Young Professional: $49.00


Registration ended on August 26, 2013